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Coronado 365 Advertising Media Kit

With competitive distribution and advertising costs, Coronado 365 Magazine is the publication to promote your business.

The magazine is distributed to all addresses in the 92118 zip code in Coronado, including businesses, the Shores condominiums, the Coronado Cays and the Navy base.  It is  also circulated at key points around Coronado and is available in digital format on our website.

We also have subscribers from around the country.

Our readers spend time with the magazine. We know because they have told us. Our testimonials range from “Read every article” and “Love the magazine” to “Read it from cover to cover” and “I save every copy.”

Our readers spend time with the magazine discovering their community, which provides significant exposure to our advertisers.

We know we have competition for your advertising budget both in print and online.  But with Coronado 365, your message will stand out, be seen and recognized as part of a higher standard. Our magazine will always be editorial driven with unbiased stories and no more than a 60/40 editorial-advertising ratio.

We hope you will consider us in your 2023 marketing plan. We promise honesty, integrity and great customer service. Become part of the quality revolution.

We work hard for you!

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