From the City of Coronado weekly update:

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The City is preparing to begin its annual slurry sealing of certain streets in town. The City applies slurry seal to extend the life of its streets. Each street gets a slurry seal every seven years. Minor work such as crack-filling, striping removal, and dig-out repair operations may be observed late January before work begins along those streets receiving the pavement work this year. Slurry operations will tentatively start the first week of February with the goal of completing the work before Presidents Day, Feb. 21. The City also will restore striping and complete several priority improvement projects recommended by the City’s Active Transportation Plan. Exhibits illustrating the proposed improvements can be viewed by clicking the Public Projects link below. Slurry seal is composed of asphalt emulsion, fine aggregates, mineral filler, various additives, and water, all of which are mixed and applied from a truck. It is a cost-effective and proven way to extend the life of roads. Streets and parking lots to receive slurry seal:

  • Fifth Street from Alameda to Glorietta boulevards
  • Orange Avenue from First to Second streets
  • Tenth Street from Alameda Boulevard to Orange Avenue
  • Olive Avenue from D Avenue to Alameda Boulevard
  • Alameda Boulevard from First Street to Olive Avenue
  • J Avenue from First to Tenth streets
  • I Avenue from First to Tenth streets